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hello world, hope you're listening,

forgive me if i'm young, or speaking out of turn.

Taylor Ann
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i'm a girl in love with my chapstick. i literally have little tubes of chapstick in every single knook and cranny in my house. i apply some religiously every few minutes or so, and i go ape when i can't find any. i also love my hamster, mimi. she's a bluberry dwarf hamster, and the cutest thing ever. well, when she doesn't decide to use my hand for food. theater is probably the biggest part of my life. i've been enrolled in some sort of dance class since the age of four, and got my first acting class when i was eight. i've been in 30+ since my first show when i was eleven, and i'm not stopping anytime soon. when i'm not at my theater school, i'm generally cooking, which i love. i also love love love to sing and dance around my house, just to annoy my mom, who i really do love a whole bunches. oh, and i have an unhealthy love of coffee.

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